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The pursuit of classical horsemanship led me, and my supportive husband, to the Lusitano breed many years ago. My introduction to dressage began as a teenager in the 1980's. I entered the arena of competitive dressage riding a quarterhorse and warmbloods. The first time I rode a Lusitano, I was smitten for good! Lusitanos are superior riding horses. They are, indeed, a living legend.

Today, Lusitanos are strong contenders in international competition. Working Equitation and Dressage evolved from the classical school. Lusitanos excel in upper-level movements such as the piaffe, passage, half-pass, pirouette, and tempi changes. 

Lusitanos have a natural capacity for collection, which is the highest goal of dressage. They are a pleasure to ride for amateurs and professionals. Their willing temperament is a notable attribute.

Living work of art. I believe Dressage is equal ART and SPORT. The Lusitano embodies my pursuit of dressage in a living work of art. Time is a rewarding investment with these noble horses. They offer brio and heart. Modern trends of "quick fixes" and incorrect training make the horse appear collected, but in fact neglect the basics. A correct foundation is of utmost importance, which is strength, beauty and a happy horse working truly through the back with engagement, elasticity and relaxation. 

Always it is a magnificent journey. Schooling a horse is rewarding. Yes, at times tedious and often times brilliant. At Hilltop Farm, we enjoy our horses as individuals. These marvelous creatures continue to teach, enrich and inspire our lives everyday. We are better people for knowing them. We are committed to enjoying the journey. Ride a Lusitano!